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PATHS Program

PATHS stands for Parent And Teacher, Home and School.  This is a complete curriculum in ALL subject areas for students in grades 1-high schoo.  Your child will receive math, grammar or phonics,  literature, spelling, history, science, art, and music.   Most classes meet twice a week for 45 mins each, for 1.5 hours of instruction time each week in each subject area.  Students attend classes twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays  beginning at 9:15 am.   There are 6 or 7 class periods each day plus a lunch period, so your child will attend a total of 12 or more class periods weekly.   Students will have additional assignments to complete at home between classes.     Your child will also enjoy special events such as recitals and programs, field trips, and class parties.  

Parents will receive complete lesson plans and assignments to complete at home.   In many cases, optional assignments are included allowing you to customize your curriculum.   Our flexible lesson plans help you to create the curriculum that is best for your family and avoid the stress of mountains of homework!  
Our classes include hands-on activities, projects, and techniques  designed to reach all types of learners.  If you are looking for an alternative to "textbook" based classes, you will enjoy our program.  

We are currently updating our website with the fall 2017-2018 schedule.  Please check back for class descriptions.